About me

I am Dechen Yangzom, a stubborn girl from the far eastern side of the country, Pemagatshel. Being the eldest of the three siblings I have often shouldered responsibilities and power too. Thanks to my dad, I had the opportunity to move to different places across the country landing up in different schools. I finished my primary schooling from Babesa primary school, Gelephu primary school, Sarpang primary school and Kanglung primary school. I assume these schools have now been updated to middle secondary schools. I did my high schooling from Kanglung MSS, Zhemgang HSS and Jigme Sherubling HSS. Currently I am a student of Sherubtse College pursuing B.A Eng/Evs. I must say the only contended choice I had made in my life.

I love experimenting with my limited edition life. Reading, scribbling down the random ideas that strike my mind and playing games on my PC are my favorite pastimes. Ask my friend and they would describe me as a person who is always near the laptop engrossed in the technology world. My dad is an ardent reader so guess he inspired me to be in the world of literature. I prefer writing since it relieves me from a huge burden when I am struck by sentimental feelings. So I found the blog a perfect platform to improve my creative writings and to relieve myself from the emotions.

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