Saturday, July 27, 2013

Light in the darkness

In the room of ruin and loss
Covered by the flowerless moss
Lies a bird wounded for ages
Happiness erased from its life’s pages

The knife of remorse has pierced its heart
Forcing its soul to tear apart
The winter seems to stretch on forever
And tears continue to flow like river

Like a leaf detached from the forest
Greediness succeeded in setting it free
The wind of catastrophe blew away its fate
To change its course back, but it is too late

The radiant spirit is crushed by life’s debacles
Making it hard to overcome its obstacles
The wall thus echoes an agonized cry
And broken wings mark its endless try

But amidst the never ending plight
There comes a cheering ray of light
Thrusting its way through the wall
Spreading warmth and hope to all

It drives away the darkness in its life

By providing strength and courage to dive
Towards the ocean of hidden treasures
 Memories of spring bring in all pleasure

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