Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Homage to the peach tree

The unruly wind greets again
Attired with the distant memories
Storming through the deserted tree
Gruesome chillness feeding on its life

The gust of wind unravels memories
Long forgotten with the course of time
Bringing remnants of the blissful past
Flooding my heart with utter despair

The peach tree stands aged and worn out
That once nurtured the vulnerable child
Sheltering her through the harsh storms
Concealing her from the deceptive world

The tree bestowed aesthetic flowers on her
Instilling happiness in her gloomy life
The majestic tree with its huge dimension
Provided shade through the scorching sun

I pay my homage to the peach tree
That accompanied me through all seasons
Whose luscious fruits satisfied my hunger

And with whom I lived in perfect amity


  1. hey dechen...moved by the peach tree near that MPH when i saw it with your lines of expressions...misisn shercol

    1. Thank you for going through the poem.. Indeed it adds charm to the place especially when it blossoms