Saturday, May 18, 2013

Am i drifting apart from myself?

With the passing of seasons and with every ticking of clock, am I moving far apart from myself? Sometimes I feel like I am completely a different person, a stranger to myself. The person who I used to be has turned into a distant ghost whom I can no longer recognize.
Where is that innocent me? A simple girl who had so much faith in god and in this world? I never believed I would turn into a person who I am in present. Was the harsh wind strong enough to blow away my innocence or was the rain powerful enough to erode my faith? I don’t know if I was just an unstable rock from the beginning that was to be surrendered to the harsh nature but one thing that I am sure about is that I am no longer that same old rock.
I am really a million miles away from myself and I just wish if my old self would return. I really miss that old “ME” who had a positive outlook towards life. It seems like I have lost myself in the thick mist where I can’t even recognize myself. Have I lost myself completely to the harsh challenges where I can no longer differentiate myself?


  1. life is like a thin labelled grass where ever the strong winds blows it lean on that side but that doesn't make the grass move away from its place to another , it always stays in its original place only ;)

    1. Thank you for showering your insightful words upon me :D